5 Best Lock Pick Gun Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Lock Pick Gun Reviews

Best Lock Pick Gun ReviewsIf you’re a locksmith or want to become a locksmith or a lock picking enthusiast, you need the best lock pick gun.

A lock pick gun is an important tool because it gives you a very unique mindset to open the locks.

Lock Pick Guns work by twirling a thin and tiny needle to the pins while applying pressure. After a few twirls of the needle, you very often positioned all the pins and the lock opens.

Since Lock Pick Guns depend on needle flicks or twirls, Electronic Lock Pick Guns work faster and more effectively than a manual lock pick. Electronic Lock Pick Guns are suitable for those that have a fairly wide range of skills, as it could be difficult for users that are a beginner in this field.

Being an effective lock picker is always about having a range of tools and techniques that you can use to handle the lock.

Lock pick guns are not a replacement for conventional lock picking tools but they must be part of your reservoir of tools.

Since no lock picking tool or method is 100 percent, and since some locks would not react to one method but the other, it is worth buying a range of tools, and a lock pick gun is one of them.

In this article, we will cover some of the best lock pick guns that are available in the market with their features and buyers guide that you should look before buying a one.

Here is the comparison table of 5 best lock pick guns available in the market.

Oil And Solvent Resistant Oil And Solvent Resistant GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. Hook & Pick Set
  • Rating::4.7
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Precise Shape Duplication Precise Shape Duplication RAK Contour Gauge Shape Duplicator
  • Rating::4.6
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Extra Grip Extra Grip IIT 21600 4 PC. Double Ended Pick And Hook Set
  • Rating::3.8
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Easy To Use Easy To Use ITW BRANDS 40088 .22 Caliber Fastener Tool
  • Rating::4.7
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Includes Storage Space Includes Storage Space Performance Tool W50033 1/4″ 3.6V Li-ion QR Chuck
  • Rating::4.2
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Best 5 Lock Pick Guns Reviews

1. GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. Hook & Pick Set- Oil And Solvent Resistant

GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. Hook & Pick Set Key Features

2. RAK Contour Gauge Shape Duplicator- Precise Shape Duplication

RAK Contour Gauge Shape Duplicator Key Features

IIT 21600 4 PC. Double Ended Pick And Hook Set Key Features

ITW BRANDS 40088 .22 Caliber Fastener Tool Key Features

Performance Tool W50033 1/4″ 3.6V Li-ion QR Chuck Key Features

Buyers Guide to choose the Best Lock Pick Gun

Choosing the best lock pick gun can become a difficult task for you, as there are a lot of pick guns available in the market. So, always consider the following given points before buying your best lock pick gun.

Customer Reviews- Having a look at customer reviews of a lock pick gun you ‘re keen to buy is often a smart idea. It assists you to get a better understanding of the quality of your chosen pick gun.

Customer reviews are an important resource to find honest advice about the pick gun you decided to purchase. You can see reviews of a specific pick gun under the customer reviews section on Amazon.

Price- You must find the right balance between both the cost and the quality of the lock pick gun you are buying. Higher prices are often an indication of high-quality products, but this is not always the same, so you must be careful about this.

Durability- It often takes a lot of pressure to pick up a lock. It is therefore extremely important that you spend in a lock pick gun that will be able to endure all this and remain unaffected for a longer period. 

Imagine how angry you would have been if you bought a lock pick gun that worked great just for your first few locks. Afterward, it began to fall apart as time passed. So, when you are buying a lock pick gun, ensure that it must be durable and of good quality material.

Best Lock Pick Gun - FAQs

Are lock pick guns effective?

Yes, yes. They are highly effective and are the key tool for most of the locksmiths that use the lock pick gun to break the locks they approach.

Are lock pick guns necessary to pick a lock?

Absolutely, not. It’s not necessary when it comes to picking the locks efficiently. People broke into locks decades before they even created something like a lock pick gun.

However, it immensely reduces the time it takes and also reduces the effort so that you can easily break the lock.

Aren’t lock pick guns illegal?

Some countries across the globe definitely have rules and regulations against lock pick guns or even typical lock picks. In these countries, you can’t have tools like this unless you’re a professional or ethical locksmith.

So, before you order one from Amazon, we suggest you to check what are the laws in your country.


Lock pick gun is an essential tool that can simplify your approach when it comes to picking locks.

Picking lock is an incredible and strong skill, but it can be quite challenging for a newbie when deals with such a wide range of tools and technologies.

So off you go-a couple of opinions for somebody that is a beginner to pick the lock. It’s worth having a proper manual lock pick gun in your reservoir. Understand it, if you’re an amateur to this incredible skill that just keeps on giving, if you like the hurdle, you might enjoy the riddles. 

A lock pick gun is a must-have tool for any lock picking lover in their set. So, when you are picking the lock, you don’t have to face any trouble while doing it.

Hope you like our article and get the information that you want.

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