7 Best Lock for Shipping Container Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

lock for shipping container

From moving over sees or within the country to renovating your house, shipping containers are the best option for storing furniture and other household items. But when it comes to the safety of shipping containers, locking your container is the best option.

Here, we will help you select the best lock for the shipping container. Let the lock do its work and you do yours’ without taking tension of any theft.

Different kinds of shipping containers are available in the market with different locking styles.

So, choosing a right lock for shipping container becomes a responsibility, and all the aspects should be looked after before choosing your right lock for the shipping container.

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Here, we will try to provide you with all the necessary knowledge one must have before choosing the lock out of the lot. And reduce your shopping time by providing you the links for the best and the most affordable shopping site and we have tried to simplify your shopping experience.

Below are the best  possible ways of securely your containers by either replacing the old lock or current locking parts or buying a new secure lock for your shipping container.

Here is the list of top 7 locks for shipping container.

Steel Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock Steel Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock Equipment Lock HDCDL
  • Rating:4.4
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Plated D-Shaped Security Padlock Plated D-Shaped Security Padlock Triple Chrome Lock
  • Rating:4.4
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On Lock Box On Lock Box Insta Bolt
  • Rating:4.4
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Cargo Lock for Storage Buildings Cargo Lock for Storage Buildings Van Locks Heavy Duty Padlock
  • Rating:4.5
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Trailer Lock Security Trailer Lock Security SnatchLatch
  • Rating:3.5
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with 2-Inch Hardened Steel Lock with 2-Inch Hardened Steel Lock Ranger Lock Universal Lock Guard
  • Rating:4.1
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Padlock Stainless Steel Discus Lock Padlock Stainless Steel Discus Lock Master Lock
  • Rating:4.5
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7 Best Lock for Shipping Container Reviews

1. Equipment Lock HDCDL-Steel Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock

HDCDL Steel Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock Key Features

2. Triple Chrome Lock-Plated D-Shaped Security Padlock

FJM Security CR-KA Triple Chrome Plated D-Shaped Security Padlock Key Features

3. Insta Bolt-On Lock Box

Insta Bolt-On Lock Box Key Features

4. Van Locks Heavy Duty  Padlock-Cargo Lock for Storage Buildings

Van Locks Heavy Duty Hasp Padlock Key Features

5.  SnatchLatch-Trailer Lock Security

SnatchLatch Trailer Lock Security Key Features

6. Ranger Lock Universal  Lock Guard-with 2-Inch Hardened Steel Lock

 Ranger Lock Universal  Lock Guard Key Features

7. Master Lock-Padlock Stainless Steel Discus Lock

Master Lock Padlock, Stainless Steel Discus Lock Key Features

Buyers Guide to Choose Best Lock for Shipping Container

When it comes to buying a lock for a shipping container, a lot of research is needed before selecting the right one. Different shipping containers have different locking techniques, and choosing the right technique is very important .

You probably wouldn’t leave your house without locking the door on your way out. For most people, it’s not particularly likely that someone will breakthrough  one’s home—but it’s always best to have the precaution there just in case.

There are five types of locks, popular when it comes to locking a shipping container:

 Container Padlocks

Padlocks are classic U-shaped steel locks that are designed to attach into the loop of a shipping container’s lock-box. Typically, the lock box shelters the padlock’s shackle, making it more difficult to access and improving the lock’s resistance to tampering. Like many other types of locks on this list, container padlocks are often available in like-keyed batches from their manufacturers.

 Crossbar Locks

These locks consist of extendable bars that are made of durable material such as steel. They extend and attach to your container’s door typically on its handles or the locking rods. A keyed lock mechanism allows the clamp to be securely fastened in place, preventing the doors from opening.

 Truck Seals

Truck seals look very similar to commonly found zip-ties. They are typically attached to shipping containers to prevent them from accidentally opening. However, other high-security models are made from thick metal bolts and provide improved security.

 Hidden Shackle Padlocks

A hidden shackle padlock is a clever hybrid of a typical padlock and a single-latch or deadbolt lock. The shackle of the lock is typically enclosed within the lock’s body. These locks are star performers in environments where security is a big concern, so consider them if you’ve got high-value cargo that you need to protect.

 Roll Door Lockboxes

If you have a roll-door on your shipping container, you can choose to invest in a roll door lockbox to greatly increase its security. A simple everyday padlock might be enough, but if you need tougher security, consider one of the many lock boxes designed specifically for roll-up doors.

Hope now you would be able to make a right choice and Buy the best Lock for your Shipping Container.

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So, get your best lock for shipping container

Hopefully this article will help you choose the best lock for the shipping container out of the lot. By now, I suppose all of your doubts have been cleared and you are all set to buy the best lock for your shipping container.

It might be possible that you have spend some extra bucks from your pocket, but security is guaranteed.

Also, these heavy-duty locks for shipping container are good in there job of protecting your household items or furniture from any kind of theft and making your life a little easy by easing out on the stress.

To conclude, I would like to add that one should always keep in mind a few points before choosing the best lock for the shipping containers like

Side of the Container: The size of the container and that of the lock should always complement each other. Lock for the container should be bought keeping in mind the size of shipping container.

Size of the Lock: The size of lock and size of the container should always complement each other.

Money to be Spend: One should always  spend wisely and should not put to much burden on his/her pocket.

Surface of Installation: The surface where the lock has to installed should be kept in mind while choosing the lock for the container, as there are some locks available in the market which require flat surface for mounting.

So, by now you have all the necessary knowledge required to choose the best lock for shipping container according to your requirement.

Happy Buying!!


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