TiGr Lock Reviews (Mini) & Buyers Guide (5 things you should consider before buying)

TiGr Lock Reviews

Bike locks are an essential part of a bike, which means there’s a decent possibility your bicycle won’t exist without it.

It’s more difficult to find the right lock for your bike which is both dependable and compact than it sounds.

Are you looking for the best lock for your bike?

How about a lock that is different from others in terms of durability and strength. Yes, you are right. We are talking about the TiGr mini lock which is made up of titanium. The TiGr mini is stylish, awesome, and durable.

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Today, we’re going to evaluate whether you want to buy the TiGr mini lock or not to secure your bike.

In this article, we will talk about the TiGr mini lock in detail and sees the TiGr lock reviews..

Summary of the Focused Product- TiGr Mini Lock

The TiGr Mini lock is only created to effectively secure your bike and is made up of titanium. It has a sporty, classy, and simplistic look and is portable, making it easy to store and carry around. It is a bike lock that is small in size and yet looks very reliable.

The TiGr mini lock is a whole different thing. It doesn’t look like any other locks on your bike. It doesn’t function like other locks. It’s not even made from the same material as other bike locks.

The TiGr Mini lock is purely a product worth the name, in terms of real performance. With it, you’ll even get a clip that you can install on your bike to mount your lock when it’s not in use.

It’s an excellent and comfortable way of carrying your lock around rather than hanging it off your bike’s back. Titanium construction and decent security make TiGr mini lock unusual.

TiGr mini lock is one of the greatest discoveries in the bike lock industry. The function of locking is as simple as it looks. All you’ve got is a lock and key, this is as simple as that.

The main locking area is long-lasting, of excellent quality, and very user-friendly. Don’t just lose your key.

Features and Benefits

Small Footprint- The TiGr Mini lock takes up considerably less room than most of its competing locks. The dimension of the TiGr mini lock is 10.5 inches x 4 inches x 1.2 inches and weighs around 0.9 pounds. It is so small that you easily carry it whenever riding your bike.

Secure against most theft strategies- The TiGr Mini Lock has been tested in several ways. This includes trying to break into it using many different tactics and techniques commonly employed by thefts. We ‘d have to say, assessing from our findings, that the TiGr Mini Lock is a solid mid-level safety lock for your bike.

Easy to carry- The TiGr Mini Lock is very light in weight, as it is made up of titanium. The TiGr Mini Lock doesn’t carry extra weight which makes it very easy to store and easy to carry with you.

Mounting Clip- Mounting Clip is a very unique feature that is exclusively available in the TiGr mini lock. The mounting clip is very simple to install and easy to use.

It is certainly an aspect where the TiGr Mini lock becomes special. It’s because the lock ‘s secure mounting clip combined with the fact that it’s so delicate, you won’t even notice any excess weight on your bike.

PVC Coating- The bow is overlaid with a PVC coating. This guarantees that you will not accidentally scratch your bike when you lock your bike or mount the lock onto the mounting clip. We tested this by scratching the lock deliberately onto the frame of our bike and we could not even notice a single scratch.

Two keys- The TiGr Mini lock uses the old technique of lock and key mechanism. If you lose your key, you would be in a tough situation which is why it gives you two keys, so you don’t have to worry.

Pros & Cons



Social Proof (TiGr Lock Reviews)

Looking at the customer reviews, it’s easy to see that TiGr claims concerning the lock are true. Most of the comments that came in front of our eyes were positive with many applauding both the appearance of the lock and its safety.

One customer said he doesn’t have any arms and a person with a disability needs a lock that is lightweight. Because TiGr lock is made up of titanium they are very lightweight and easy to use.

Buyers Guide for TiGr Mini Lock

How do I use a TiGr Mini Lock & What is it?

The TiGr Mini lock is a lightweight, small bike lock that comes in an extraordinary frame. This can be explained by the fact that it’s made from titanium instead of the traditional steel.

The bike lock comprises a titanium bow and a locking cylinder made of steel. The bow is designed in one corner with a gap and you use this gap to fit into the locking cylinder of steel which is then locked in. It helps in securing your bike to any structure you wish to lock-in.

What are some of the various ways bikers use the TiGr Mini?

There are a lot of ways to lock your bike using the TiGr Mini lock. Some of these are:

  • Use the Sheldon Brown method to lock the back wheel and frame onto the rack.
  • Lock the front wheel to the rack, and the frame.
  • Just lock the frame onto the rack.

How do I maintain my TiGr Mini Lock?

It’s a great idea to apply lock lubricant to the locking mechanism of your TiGr Mini lock. This may help to keep the locking mechanism from getting stiff. It can also prevent grit and grime buildup, and restore smooth function to the lock as well.

Where can I buy a TiGr Mini Lock from?

There are various ways to purchase a TiGr Mini lock. The easiest way is to order it from Amazon.com, or their web site, www.tigrlock.com. You can check out your local bike shop or international bicycle dealers to see if they have it in stock or not if you want to buy it locally.

How secure is the TiGr Mini Lock?

The TiGr Mini lock is a mid-level security lock that means your bike can be protected from so many basic tools. Even so, it will be probably broken, if given sufficient time and effort.

For this reason, we highly suggest that you do not leave it in high-risk areas for longer periods when you’re using this lock.


In conclusion, we will say that the TiGr Mini lock carved a special spot with its exceptional titanium structure in our hearts. For its two features, the lock is excellent-lightweight and decent safety.

We believe that the TiGr is a great addition to the range of workable bike locks. And if you’re looking for an extremely light, simple to use, mid-security lock and also don’t bother spending a bit more for that.

You definitely should take a look at the TiGr mini lock then. With that, we ‘re up for TiGr Lock reviews at the end of our article.

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