10 Best Motorcycle Lock Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020


Unfortunately, motorcycles are easy targets for thieves. They can be sold as complete, or in the form of spare parts. However, we as an owner must look for motorcycle anti theft devices to do our best to protect our valuable motor bike against theft.

best motorcycle lock

Motorcycle locks come in all variety and forms. There is motorcycle wheel lock, motor cycle handlebar lock, motorcycle lock chain, motor cycle steering lock and plenty of other options that can make it hard to choose the best motorcycle lock for you!

So, we have compiled a list of best motorcycle lock reviews with complete buyers guide to help you chose the best motorcycle lock based on your needs and lifestyle.

There are various criteria to decide the best motorcycle lock like if you’re  going to use it at your home or outside. We’ll get into detail once we get to the complete buyers guide.

Without further a do, let’s have look on our reviews for the best motorcycle lock that will ensure the safety of your bike and give you that peace of mind.

10 Best Motorcycle Lock Reviews

1. ToolWRX Motorcycle Lock – Best Quality Heavy Duty Anti Theft for Motorcycles

Key features of ToolWRX Motorcycle Lock

2. Kryptonite FAHGETTABOUDIT -1415 14mm Chain & New York Lock

Key features of Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT 

Key features of Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable

4. XENA – Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm Stainless Steel

Key features of XENA

5. Grip-Lock GLRed Red Motorcycle and Scooter Handlebar Security Lock

Key features of Grip

6. USHAKE Bicycles U Lock -Heavy Duty Bike Scooter Motorcycles

Key features of USHAKE Bicycles U Lock

7. BigPantha -Motorcycle Lock

Key features of BigPantha

8. ToolWRX Motorcycle Lock -use on Grip Brake.

Key Features Of ToolWRX Motorcycle Lock

9. Heavy Duty -Anti Theft Motorcycle Disc Lock

Key Features Of Heavy Duty

10. Universal Throttle Lock – Motorcycle Cruise Control

Key Features Of Universal Throttle Lock

Buyers Guide To Best Motorcycle Lock

The best motorcycle come in different types and follow different technologies. These are the factors you need to consider before the best motorcycle lock.

1. Parking Place Of Your Bike

One of the first thing you should consider before buying a motorcycle lock is to figure out where do you park your bike the most. Go for a heavy steel chain lock if you you plan to park your bike at home as they are extremely difficult to break even with cutting equipment. Besides, your bike cannot be lifted and put into a truck as the other side of the chain is bolted into the ground.

2. Material 

Motorcycle locks are mostly made from heavy-duty and strong material. They are mostly made out of steel or strong metals.The best motorcycle lock is resistant to rust as it can handle different weather conditions.

3. Lock Visibility

The best way to keep the thief away from stealing your bike is to already show that a lock is on and you are safeguarding your bike. Go for bright blue and yellow colors that helps to deter the thief once they see the motorcycle lock.

4. Can The Lock Cause Any Damage?

Excessively heavy motorcycle lock chain can cause dent in your bikes whereas heavy duty and steel motorcycle locks can damage the bike. So, go for a nylon cover that will protect your bike from such issues.

5. Perfect Fit

Locks come in varied sizes and style to suit different bikes. There is a perfect chance that you like a lock but it does not fit. The best  thing before buying motorcycle lock is to check if it meets your bike size requirements.

6. Easy To Fit

Make sure that the lock you’re looking to buy is easy to install. The motorcycle handlebar disc lock can be fitted easily within minutes. 

7. Portability

The best motorcycle lock is the one, which is compact and easily portable. Handlebars disc locks and alarm locks are a few examples. Go for a lightweight lock if you you’re someone who likes to travel a lot.

8. Warranty

The best motorcycle locks might not cost you a lot of money. But if you investing in an expensive go for the one with warranty just in case if it gets damaged. 



We all know how much our bikes are dear to us. And no one can tell it better it than a bike enthusiast. You certainly don’t want that on those adventurous trip of yours, you park it somewhere wander a little bit and the next thing you know is that it got stolen. Besides, they are a huge investment for anyone. 

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in the best motorcycle lock. All the locks that we have listed in our best motor cycle lock reviews are safe and secure and are best in their price their price range.

Remember, any lock is not full proof but how difficult you can make it for the supposed thief is in your control and therefore an important one time investment that everyone should make!

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